1 In a crowded market and a tough economy, is your business getting the attention it deserves? Are your services in demand? Are your products selling in the marketplace?

Competition is fierce today. And there are near limitless ways to spend your marketing and communications budget. You need to squeeze every bit of effectiveness out of every marketing dollar you commit.

But what’s the magic formula? Is traditional print and television advertising still relevant for your business? How does social media fit into the picture? And within the vast swath that is social media, what are the best channels for you? Where does direct marketing fit into the picture? Is your website pulling its weight? Is there a way to integrate email marketing campaigns to grow your sales? Do your customers want “engagement” with your business? Or would they prefer that you simply deliver the goods on time at the best price? What can Big Data do for you? What will technology enable as the next big idea? And what about video and podcasting?

Complicated? You bet. Like never before.

But there are very successful companies getting their marketing mix just right. And they’re finding their biggest return not with podcasting or Pinterest. Not by counting their Facebook likes or Google+ Circles.

They’re investing in well-written and engaging content for lead generation. They are using intelligent, compelling and entertaining storytelling to meet their client expectations. They’re investing in websites, case studies, newsletters and direct marketing campaigns. They are educating their clients and providing not only products and services, but insightful and helpful content that allows for mutual growth and success.

I write that business content — smart and snappy stories that win clients. Commonsense messages that speak to customers and help build lasting relationships. Interesting and compelling blog posts. Websites that deliver stories about who you are, what you do, and how you can help your customers. Email campaigns that bring your best organization to the marketplace. White papers that demonstrate your  thought leadership. Case studies highlighting client experiences. Entertaining and thought-provoking executive speeches and communications that elevate your brand.

I bring 25 years of corporate experience with me to every project. I cut my writing and analysis chops at Accenture for 12 years. And then spent 9 years at a thriving, dynamic and profitable technology startup working at the right hand of the founder/CEO.

I’m ready to get started.

Are you?

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Member of The Professional Writers' Alliance.

Member of The Professional Writers’ Alliance.

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